Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Getting Started

I don't know if I even like blogs....I do find them interesting, but, at first thought them to be a narcissistic approach to sharing one life and opinions.  But, as I felt the urge to write down so many things I've been thinking about over the years, blogging seems to be an avenue worth taking.

There have been many events in my life that have had lasting effects; I am not alone in that.  I believe it was Dr. Phil who said that there are about ten (10) major events that change a person's life.  (at least I think it was Dr. Phil--but, I could be wrong).  Major events can change a person's life, or at the very least, have a daily impact on how we go about our day.  When I think of a change in a person's life, it's more than just an address change, or a job change, or a relationship change, I think of it as being shaken to our core that we look at the world through a different lens.  How we see the world is how, I believe, we change.

Life's events include some obvious ones:  birth of a child, marriage/divorce, death of a loved one (family or friend), social injustice, traumatic experiences : rape, abuse, relationships that work, and some that do not, falling in and out of love, and the struggle to be happy.

Because this is my blog, and I equate my life to an episode of Oprah, I will share a little something of all of what I just mentioned above.  Some of you who choose to read this blog will not be surprised at my candor.
I do know that even my closest friends and family will be shocked at some of the content, and some may feel uncomfortable reading very personal accounts of some of the "events" in my life.

Let me just say that about three months ago, I woke up from, what I consider, a coma. I've been in one for the past twelve years or so....maybe on some level many more years than that.  As for what the trigger was that "awakened" me -- that I am not sure.  I just know it happened, and it has gotten me in touch with some of the demons (hey, we all have them) deep inside, and allowed me to have conversation with them, where they are not a threat to my being.

As the days move ahead, and as I feel like writing, I will tackle the many "episodes" or events that have shaped my life up to this point. 

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