Sunday, November 21, 2010

My Life is An Oprah Episode - On Favorite Things and Opinions

I'm opinionated...ask anyone who knows me.  Shouldn't we all be opinionated?  But, no matter how I feel about something, like or dislike it,  I believe everyone has the right to "own" their opinions as well.

One of the things about living in a different location than many of my family and friends, is that when we are in touch, conversations often revolve around how we feel about this or that,  often retreating far into the past to remind each other of what makes us tick.  While watching Oprah's Favorite Things show, I thought about my favorites -- not necessarily things I want to run out and buy -- but, rather things that bring a smile to my face, and information I want to share.

Cities.  I love cities and have favorites.  Since I was born and raised in New York City, it's a natural fit to be my favorite.  No matter how many times I am there, I discover something new.... a new restaurant, or shop, or a street with charm and character.  I love Central Park and consider it to be a second home to me; there's a couple of spots there that hold some of my secrets.  And, I think I channel some of my ancestors whenever I have been in London...I've always felt at home there as well.  When my sister Marge was living there, it was a dream to go visit and wander around for days, free to discover nooks and crannies around cobble stoned streets and alleys.  Rome.  I've been there three or four times and it has held my heart captive on more than one occasion.  Hmmmm....I had, what I refer to as "a lost weekend"there once,  where I fell in love, well, more like in lust....more on that another time.  Paris...Yummy, one of the greatest places to stay up all night!  Chicago energizes me like New York; I love the shopping and the neighborhoods, the ambiance and the great Jazz clubs -- in which one of them I had the greatest make out session with a boyfriend -- you know, dark and secluded, listening  to the sexiest music ever.  Does anyone ever do that anymore?  Definitely, one of my favorite things. :)  Cities. That's where I go to recharge my batteries.

Food.  I love good food and love to cook.  While I'm not the Barefoot Contessa or Rachel Ray, I can hold my own.  For me, I try not to put anything into my body that is not natural.  It's almost impossible to do that 100% of the time, but I try.  That means I read every label, and stay away from foods with preservatives or food dyes, buy meat/chicken/fish, without antibiotics or hormones in it.  It amazes me how people are so willing to put chemicals into their bodies, every day.  It takes longer for me to shop than most people, because of the reading thing, but, to me it is worth it.  And, like I said, it's not always 100%, but, pretty close.  So, if you come to my home for a meal, know that everything will be freshly prepared with love.

Clothes...oh, yeah, love clothes.  I love a well-dressed man.  Okay, it may be shallow, but, I love a man who cares about how they look.  And, how they smell.  There is something very alluring about someone wearing cologne that is subtle and soft.  One time, I was on the subway in NY,  standing next to a guy who smelled so good I wanted to bury my face in his neck!  Most men look great in a tuxedo, and a well-fitting suit, but, sometimes it is ruined by the wrong shirt color.  Not all men can wear certain shades of blue.  Jeans.  Oh, boy, here is where men screw it up.  Guys,  please stay away from relaxed fit Wranglers...not flattering.  Jeans should be fitted -- there are so many choices out there.  For me, one of the sexiest looks ever is a pair of jeans, long and lean, with a white, long-sleeved t-shirt. Or, a with a crisp, white button-down.  Uh, huh. all kinds, but, I must admit, I love Motown from the 60s.  Dancing in the Street.  The Supremes. I really do listen to all different kinds of music -- from Classical/Opera to rap (well, very little rap) .  I think the greatest music to make love to is Chris Botti - playing the trumpet.  If you haven't listened to him yet, give a try. Mood.  I'm not sure that is was Justin Timberlake who brought Sexy Back....I think it was Chris Botti!

I love thoughtfulness and sincerity.  A friend of mine has been battling Breast Cancer, and about a year ago, or so, she posted an on line journal of her experience.  When I was reading remarks posted by her husband, I was so moved by the thoughtfulness of his words as he expressed how much he loved and supported her.  It reminded me of what is really important in a partner and I knew immediately that his words were not only sincere, but, a reflection of what their life was about.  I strive to be thoughtful as I go about my days; I do a good job of remembering birthdays and still send cards through the mail, whenever I can.  I do my best not to say anything I don't mean...and mean what I say.  Once words are said, they can not be taken back....that's a basic lesson for young kids to learn early on.

There's a lot more to dish out, and much more will be exposed in future blogs.

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  1. In my opinion (heh, heh) many of your opinions are well founded..I especially like the "men in jeans and white button down shirt" one..and of course the Motown of the '60s one...and I love, love, love Chris Botti (saw him perform w/Sting last Christmas at St. John the Divine) and last, but not least...I love to cook, love to eat..and no longer stress about the extra weight it causes...I just enjoy! Again...muy simpatico, amigo! xo