Tuesday, January 25, 2011

My Life is An Oprah Episode - Some answers to your questions

I have received some great feedback regarding the blog; thank you.  Please note, that yes, you may leave a comment, however, you must use one of the sources, ie. google or yahoo, etc, and sign in to that account. Follow the instructions when you click on "comments"..  Also, if you choose to follow, officially, you must sign up...again, follow instructions.  Having said all of this, I enjoy the emails with your comments.

I have received some questions, so I will attempt to clarify as best as I can, with answers to those questions which were frequently asked.

....regarding:   Loss and Grief.   - my sister Ann was 46 years old when she died.

....regarding    Love, Dating, etc..."what is a Glenwood  South Cowboy?".  I coined the term "cowboy" many years ago when I lived in Kansas City.   I used to go out quite a bit in an area where the bars/clubs were (the Plaza), and one night as I was getting into my car with a friend of mine, I said "well, let's go and check out the Plaza Cowboys".  Think about what a cowboy does :  round 'em up, rope 'em and ride 'em.  My feminist side does not wish to group women with  "cattle", but, honestly, the single/bar scene has not changed much.  And, Glenwood South is where the bars and clubs are in Raleigh.  Oh, and the cowgirls are out too. 

...a lot of interest in this:  "who is the younger guy I flirted with having an affair?"  This would have/could have been an Affair of the Heart (ahem, throat clearing).  Sorry, no name being divulged here.

...regarding:  It's In his Kiss...."who is the guy in the photo?"  That was a guy who played baseball  for the Kansas City Royals.. He is a cousin of one of my friends and we went out on a blind date in New York and I spent most of that summer on many road trips.  I was working for an airline and at the end of baseball season  I transferred to Kansas City to be with him. Problem was, three weeks after I arrived in Kansas City,  he was traded to Houston.  Just rude.  And, yes, he really was a great kisser!

Finally, I received a  number of emails regarding my last post, on being raped.  Thank you to everyone who wrote to me with kind words. It's wonderful feeling whole.

Thank you again for the great feedback.

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