Wednesday, March 16, 2011

My Life is An Oprah Episode - Slow Dancing

I embrace change.  I really do.  But, it seems to me that one of the things from the past that has changed, is, that no one is doing much slow dancing. Often associated with middle schoolers, the slow dance has taken a back seat to what we used to call "fast" defined as various types of bumping, grinding, and generally booty shaking.  I love all of that, but, I must admit that I miss slow dancing.  

When I go out these days to a club, especially where there is live music, I want to dance.  In a crowded bar/club one can slide their way onto the dance floor and get their groove on.  It's a fantastic way to meet new people, relieve some stress and get some exercise. But, I do miss slow dancing.  It is a somewhat slippery slope for me, because, quite frankly, I hardly ever will slow dance with someone I'm not attracted to.  I've always been that way, going way back to school dances as a teen ...where just about every fifth song was slow. Usually, I would go to the ladies room if someone was approaching me to dance and I did not want to be with them.
Think about it.  When slow dancing with someone you are physically very close to that person.  Think about it.  If you care about someone, if you are attracted to someone, it is one of the sexiest, well, actually, one of the most sensual experiences to share with them.  Holding each other very close, feeling every movement, at times, feeling the other person's heart beat, feel them breathe, you may find a rhythm that can define the relationship.                     Oops, sorry, I zoned out thinking about it..:)

I know some of my readers are still in their twenties, and I have wondered what their take is on slow dancing.
And, I've mentioned this before, but, today's relationships seem to be less intimate than they were about ten or fifteen years ago.  Again, not talking about physical intimacy, although, I am not sure that there is more of that going around than before.  Taking the time to really get to know someone should not be contingent on texting or emailing.  Defining expectations in a relationship seems to be rare.....something that crosses all age groups these days.  It's okay to put in all "out there" and not hold back what we want or what we feel.  For me, I am an eternal optimist and really believe that the more things change, the more they stay the same; just different packaging.

There are so many songs that I love to slow dance to, and some of my favorites are:
"Can't Help Falling in Love "  - Elvis
"Unchained Melody"  - Righteous Bros.
"Someone to Watch Over Me"  - Ella Fitzgerald
"Unforgettable" - Nat King Cole
"Come Away With Me" - Nora Jones

With spring approaching and everyone starting to feel the "blahs" dissipate, I challenge everyone to find a partner and slow dance.  Just once. And, once more.  Maybe we all need a new "Prom".

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