Wednesday, November 2, 2011

My Life is An Oprah Episode - "You Never.....Whaaat?

Since I've connected with several bloggers around the country, I now have some new readers ....many of whom do not know me, except what is written in my blog.  Some of the bloggers are young mothers, finding their way around juggling parenting with working or going to school; some bloggers are seasoned travelers who write about lots of interesting places and cultures, and some, like me, write whatever comes to their mind on any given day, on any subject and hope the journal makes sense, or entertains, or enlightens in some way.

I received a lot of feedback when I wrote about some of my likes and dislikes (loves and hates)....many of my readers identified with some of the things mentioned, and I continue to have conversation, pro and con, about some of the things I wrote about.  It never ceases to amaze me how some people get offended if I do not agree with their view.  Maybe offended is not the correct word...but, I have friends that get upset if I do not feel the same way about something as they do.  It could be about food, wine, clothing or a city.  Honestly people, we do not have to like (or dislike) the same things.

So, for those of you who do not know me, here is just a little blurb:

People Magazine has asked me to be in their Most Beautiful issue for the past five years, and George Clooney continues to stalk me on a regular basis. Okay, those are both lies; the best way to know me in the abstract, is to read the give a sense of what I am about.  Consider the following:

I've never...............

...eaten a Pop Tart
...owned a jar of Miracle Whip
...had a Mountain Dew

...been late for school or work
...taken a cold shower
...been able to sing, except camp songs (or in the shower)
...worn polyester out of gas
...gone to my Prom

My favorite:

...poet is Khalil Gibran, The Prophet holds answers to many of life's questions
...perfume/cologne is Chanel  No. 5
...color is green
...cities are New York, Rome and London is a good Cabernet Sauvignon
...TV show is Madmen
...season is Autumn is Bloomingdale's routine is scrubbing my face

I love:
...surprises - to give them and to get them (although, I have not been surprised in a while -- someone, please, surprise me!)
...Eyedews (a gel eye treatment - fabulous.... to order, mention my name in "sellers instructions"...they know me - really, they do - when you mention my  name, you will receive three (3) free pairs of Eyedews!!!! be in love be kissed, often take long, hot baths.  I take Epsom Salt baths almost daily....gets rid of toxins.
...sleeping in the nude.  Haven't worn pjs or nightgown since I was in my early twenties
...very cold, Sundays when I cook and hang on the couch watching TV all day
...stay out late, and invite everyone over for breakfast at 3 in the morning
...spontaneity - calling up someone on the spur of the moment to do something or invite them to dinner
...sporting events and concerts

....some extras:

...I've taken too long to walk away from relationships that weren't good for me, and ran away too quickly from some that were good for me eyes are grey, but sometimes look blue or green
...I allow myself a sad day, only once in a while
...I'm trying to meditate daily and rid distractions
...I have run in three (3) marathons
...I want to take better pictures
...I am sometimes too sensitive
...I am Pro-Choice

Until next time..........