Monday, April 16, 2012

My Life Is An Oprah Episode: A Rant

disclaimer:  Any posts written by me are my beliefs, my feelings and my opinions.  It is not my intent for any individual or individuals to change how they feel or what they believe about any given topic.  

I am a Democrat.  I have many friends who share my views, and many friends who do not.  In fact, I probably have more friends that are Republicans, not Democrats.  I do not hold that against them, and I believe I share that same courtesy. Since we are in the middle of an election year, we are inundated with propaganda, and quite frankly, I think everyone is a little nuts.

In support of Obama, he did inherit a huge mess, with the economy and with a war we had no business being in. He did.  If it were someone else, they would have inherited the mess.

It is delusional to assume that any other individual in office, namely, McCain, would have been able to make progress at an accelerated pace and solve all our economic problems in less than four years.  For me, I am not impressed with any of the Republican candidates.  Mitt Romney IS out of touch with the average American. And, he still cannot answer a direct question about how he feels about equal rights for women.  I have little regard for Newt Gingrich; does not really matter, he is basically out.  And, Rick Santorum?  Seriously?  Ideology from the middle ages; good thing for us he is out, but he did provide some pretty good bantering from feminists.

The past few months have been a roller coaster ride from the Republican groups.  I believe, wholeheartedly, that the GOP is (still) waging a War On Women, especially regarding health issues.  Here in 2012, we are still arguing over rights for women, wanting to change the definition of rape, limit access to safe abortions, some states wanting to invade a womans body by performing vaginal ultrasounds pre-abortion, and other health related areas.  When the Catholic Church raised a ruckus about insurance companies paying costs relating to contraception, make no mistake, this was a Political issue; a money issue.  The Catholic Church employs many non-Catholics and those employees are not forced to follow Church doctrines on birth control.  I am a Catholic, and I was outraged with the rhetoric that followed.

When I read posts on my Facebook about how this country was founded on Religious freedom, etc, and how we are screwing it up, it makes me a little crazy.  Look, we HAVE religious freedom in this country, but, that does not mean we have to be governed by any religious edicts.  At the time our country was founded, women were also considered property of her husband and her identity did not exist. When I read posts about how Capitalism is now compromised, and that government wants to control all aspects of business, yeah, I go a little nuts.

Yes, we need and should have Universal Healthcare.  Scream Socialism all you want, but, we already have government Medicare/Medicaid, Welfare, etc...the problem is, very few of us have access to it.  Scream Socialism all you want, but we have been and continue to be, held hostage by Insurance companies, Pharmaceutical companies and the Oil companies.  We had Capitalism at it best, but, somewhere along the 60s and 70s, and by the 80s it became something else.  Capitalism turned into Corporate greed, essentially, eroded what Capitalism was supposed to be. The ratio of pay between a corporate CEO and average worker is anywhere between 300:1 to 475:1, depending on the study you read.  But, the facts are  the gap between CEO/Executive and average worker is huge and getting wider.  Small businesses have suffered as a result of high costs and lack of tax breaks that large corporations enjoy. That is where Capitalism is today.

On Immigration.  Yes, I think we need some sort of Immigration reform, but,  it needs to be a dignified process that does not separate families who have been here, working, for many years.  For those that feel the immigrants, mostly Mexicans, have taken jobs away from Americans....let me state this.  They are not taking jobs away; they are taking jobs that some Americans do not want,and,  because the employers of these jobs prefer to hire workers that they know will accept pay below minimum wages, in cash,  and where they do not have to pay benefits.  Next time you pass a construction site, you will see mostly immigrants banging nails into houses that they probably could never afford, or hope to afford by doing what they are doing.  Yes, some are here and cause problems, but most are hard working men and women who want a better life for their families.

On Guns.  We need to get guns off the streets.  When I read posts about our rights to bear arms, etc,  how Guns do not kill people, people kill people, my blood boils.  What and where is that logic?  People with guns kill people.  Reminder:  the Bill of Rights were written without considering the future crazies looking to buy a Saturday night special or an Uzi submachine gun.

Education.  Why is this not the most important issue? We should  have the highest quality education offered in public schools in all neighborhoods, not just in expensive zip codes. Parents should not have to fight to get their kids into desirable schools; they should all be equal and desirable.  But, they are not.  Our school systems are a mess because politicians have been paying more attention to the stock market, rather than investments in our children.   Honestly, we pay sports figures huge amounts of money, yet, pay paltry wages to those who shape our childrens lives and to those who keep us safe and secure.  Teachers. Cops. Firemen.  I love Derek Jeter, but even I, am appalled by his salary.

Although I began this rant about being a Democrat, I am not fooled by any party and their attempt to manipulate all of us.  I do not think we are done yet; I am frustrated with the way things are, but, remain hopeful for the future.  Because it must get better.

On a lighter note:

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